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I grew up in Wichita, Kansas but my home away from home is Northeastern New Mexico. It will always have my heart. The culture and aesthetics there creep into my everyday style along with my art.

I am happiest when I am outdoors. Hunting and archery are two of my biggest past times and I find some extra time while I'm enjoying the outdoors to snap some shots of the little pieces I love so much. 
Art is my in-home stress reliever. From pencil and sharpie, acrylics, watercolor, a newfound respect for oils, and even the occasional tattoo request. I like to do it all and push my limits. 

I don't stay still for long. Moving keeps me sane. Weight lifting, playing volleyball, or just going for walks - I love to keep myself moving. If I'm not at home you can usually find me in the gym. 

I graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with a BS in Science and I now live in Kansas City where I train residents at a retirement facility in town. I love what I do and am blessed to be able to help the people I do.

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